Web Design London Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design a shopping website from scratch?

Yes, we can design a whole new shopping website from scratch. We usually take this approach when customers require high level details and precision to design and functionality. And that also benefits our customers because it allows you to request changes for each and every little thing on your website.

Do you design website using WordPress?

Yes, we provide WordPress web development including theme design and plugin development services to create the perfect tool for your wordpress website without having to worry about having problems with future updates of WordPress Core.

Can you link my social media accounts on website and how much will it cost?

Yes, we always include our customers social media links on their website. If we didn’t design your website, we will still be able to help you. Please get in touch with our friendly customer care and you can get your links on your website by tomorrow.

Will I have to pay for a brand new website when I upgrade?

No, if you are upgrading through our system you will be getting a retainer discount and will not have to pay for a new website because we have already designed your website, we will only make a few major upgrades to your system and add some new functionality and features to your website.

I would like to add instant chat to my website, is that possible?

Yes, we can assist you in installing instant chat for your website, please get in touch with your account manager as shown in your account dashboard and he/she will assist you from there.